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Good animation

I had to force myself to watch the whole thing, but I watched it. It didn't seem to have too coherent of a storyline, imho. It was weird...I really really really liked the animation style though. That's a big part about how I rate. Keep up the great animation! The color scheme was especially nice!

3.96 / 5.00 (+ 0.00067)
I suddenly feel very small and insignificant ;)

lol, limewire

i love the idea. so funny! i don't think it would do too good as a movie, but i think it's absolutely amazing as a trailer. it'd probably end up as one of those movies where the trailer is 3,000x better than the movie itself.

also, lol at limewire in jail :)

The Greatest Flash Ever!

Good Animation. Good Story. Good Sound. Good everything! I loved it! The portal could use some more animation like this.

Also, your animation style reminded me a lot of SpongeBob...you weren't by any chance influenced in any way, were you?

And I dunno if you knew, but the LHC was shut down after they turned it on (in real life). There was an issue with one of the magnet sections or something. What a shame :)

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aah! frustrating! i had a hard time staying focused and coordinated doing this one...i should have used my tablet o_o

the one thing that bothers me is why you say "happy halloween" on the 29th, then proclaim halloween is in 3 days, when this is a daily mouse puzzle? why not just wait untill halloween? ;)


I like it!

I remember when I played my first tower defense game. It was Desktop Tower Defense. That was a fun game. But it seems now everybody is making tower defense games!

Great job with this game! I liked it. It had nice and simple graphics (they looked nice, and they were very simple) and it had a nice and simple interface. I should make a tower defense game...

The only problem was there was nothing shockingly original to it.

another control thing

controls were too slidy, like it was a thruster game or something...but i guess that makes the game more difficult ;)

a good idea would be to apply some damping when no arrow keys are pressed if you can do that...obviously, i'd have to see your code to be able to give specific suggestions, but i don't think that will be happening ;)


demonscarnage responds:

I already have some dampening, but apparently not enough.
It would appear that most people just don't like this control style.
I'll keep this in mind for similar games, if I make them.

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Nice :)

Sounds very professional and has a lot, but not too much, of the original in it. Great job :) I can tell that you put a lot of work into this.

My only criticism would be on the fact that kick drum's pattern changes when the theme comes in (like on :44.) It throws things off a bit. I would have preferred if it stuck with a steady four-to-the-floor beat.

Keep up the great work!


alfraydo responds:

I figured if I kept the same beat throughout, it'd be too boring. Gotta mix it up y'know? :)

Thanks for your review.


i'm with charmanzer below. the kick needs more....erm, kick

drums not big enough...

really like the synths that come in around 0:42 it's okay. i expected something more out of the drums, though ...

DeadlySinner responds:

Cheers for the review dude, Yeah the drums aren't anything exciting.. It really was just messing around as I never have really created anything like this before, I will take that In mind though

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